THS型单级双吸离心泵(中开泵)产品说明 THS型单级双吸中开离心泵是我公司技术人员在吸收国外先进双吸泵技术基础上,借鉴国外最优秀的水力模型,通过CFD分析及结构优化设计而开发的新产品。该系列产品性能范围广,运行平稳,效率高,使用维护方便,用户操作简便。 THS series single stage double suction horizontal split casing centrifugal pump, new product developed by our own, base on absorption of international and domestic advanced technology, and reference to international good hydraulic mould, and analyze through CFD and optimize of structure by our technical engineer. The features of this series pump are wide performance range, stable operation, high efficiency, convenient using and maintenance, easy operation. 在THS型泵的基础上通过改变材质、密封结构等措施派生出THSM(耐磨型)、THSF(耐腐蚀型)、THSY(输送油类)型泵,THS、THSM、THSF、THSY系列产品性能参数和外型尺寸一致,另外在THS型泵的基础上通过改变安装方式派生出THSL型单级双吸立式中开泵,全系列水泵可输送介质的温度为0℃~80℃,适用于工厂、电厂、自来水厂,石化、矿山、消防系统、船舶工业、城市给排水、农田灌溉和各种水利工程等,是传统型单级双吸中开泵的全面升级换代产品。 By changing material, seal structure and others base on THS series, it comes THSM series (wearable), THSF series (anti-erosion), THSY series (for oil delivering), performance data and overall dimension of THS, THSM, THSF, THSY series are the same, besides, by changing of installation method base on THS series pump, it comes THSL series single stage double suction vertical split casing centrifugal pump, for delivering fluid with temperature between 0~80℃, suitable for factory, power plant, running water plant, petrochemical industry, mining industry, firefight system, shipping industry, municipal water conservancy, farmland irrigation, and other hydraulic projects, etc. This series pump is completely upgrade products base on traditional series single stage double suction split casing centrifugal pump.

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