TGS、S型单级双吸离心泵(中开泵)为单级双吸水平中开式离心泵,供输送清水或物理化学性质类似于清水的其它液体。在S型泵的基础上通过改变材质、密封结构等措施派生出SM(耐磨型)、SF(耐腐蚀型)、SY(输送油类)型泵,S、SM、SF、SY系列产品性能参数和外型尺寸一致,可输送介质的温度为0℃~80℃,适用于工厂、电厂、石化、矿山、城市给排水、工业循环水、消防系统和各种水利工程等。 TGS、S seires single stage double suction horizontal split casing centrifugal pump, applicable to deliver clean water or other fluid which physical and chemical property similar to clean water. By changing material, seal structure and others base on S series, it comes SM series (wearable), SF series (anti-erosion), SY series (for oil delivering), performance data and overall dimension of S, SM, SF, SY series are the same, for delivering fluid with temperature between 0~80℃, suitable for factory, power plant, petrochemical industry, mining industry, municipal water conservancy, industry circulation water system, firefighting system and other hydraulic project, ect.

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